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Global born delivers insights and added value to its clients in three areas concerning the sector of Defense & Security.

First, all issues linked at geopolitical level can be treated providing the maximum level of confidentiality. These reports can be linked about commodities trends, business models, prospective at geopolitical and economic level, company new implementation and country risk and much more…

Second, Global born can shed the light on the possibilities given to the companies to obtain subsidies and grants within the horizon of the EU 2030. Among the many areas of collaboration, it is feasible to focus the making of a consortium, the ability to develop a public private partnership, the bottom up lobby on the EU and the art of being involved in always more successful projects with higher ROI.

A preference will be given to projects prioritizing civil technologies.

In this quest to Subsidies and Grants, there is always an Ethics Work Package. Global born can help your company to design this aspect. It has to be said at this stage that all the missions might be considered by Global born. Nevertheless, it is useless to say that the client has to accept Global born Code of Ethics and to adapt if it was necessary.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to…