Audits in the Automotive Sector

Elon Musk has done more with its Tesla electric cars to change the automotive industry than all reports concerning Climate Change… A consensus has emerged within the industry. The issue is no more the “what” but the “when” and the “how”.

Electric Cars

Will Tesla be among the winners? Nobody knows it and the story of Preston Tucker with the eponym brand at the beginning of the XX Century reminds that it is not because this carmaker was right that he was going to win the war.

Car makers the need to adjust constantly to tune the key success factors modifying adequately their perimeter to grow without compromising in strategic alliances with partners that can become future competitors.

Autoparts are subject to even bigger changes as they can decrease their dependency from car makers thanks to the deepening of the Intel Syndrom (the fact that electronic devices get always more relevant) linked with the challenges of the autonomous cars.

In both cases, Global born can help your company to create and capture value.

Autonomous Cars

The advent of autonomous cars led by Uber and Google will definitely change the automotive landscape in terms of value chain, players, experience (security vs. driving experience), ethics (for instance, will drivers accept to be killed by their own car to save pedestrians crossing the roads in a non-authorized place due to the fact that there are more pedestrians crossing than people in the car?) and jobs obviously (for instance, there are millions of truck drivers and cabdrivers in the world. Will these folks accept to be substituted by IA? Can society find new jobs for these people?).

The experience Uber did in Pittsburgh at the end of 2016/ beginning of 2017 demonstrates it: nobody wanted to go in their autonomous cars. This is the reason why there were human beings supposed to act as possible cabdrivers when the cars were autonomous. This heresy should be compared with Thomas Friedman paper in the NYT(2012) indicating that in the next 15 years there will be only 2 human beings in the factory: the dog to watch the security within the factory and the human being to give food to the dog… source

For all these reasons, the real issue about autonomous cars will not be technical but sociological. Global born has the internal capabilities to work on these issues with carmakers.