Training in Internationalization, Strategy & Disruptive Business Models

Let me insist on some examples to check out if your company is ready for the new challenges:

Training is the fundamental piece that enables YOUR TEAM to upgrade constantly. You may work with traditional training firms or schools for longer periods but it is important to keep an eye on the market to figure out new trends to outperform your peers.

Example 1: Every year, more than 300,000 executives in India get their MBA degree (or PGPM for the famous Indian Institute of Management (IIMs). This data shows the risk of commoditization of education and training. Are you sure the training that your team receives is at the edge at worldwide level?

Example 2: For the first year of the publishing of the ranking Global 2000 of Forbes in 2003, there were 64 companies from the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). In 2016, the number of these companies within this ranking has skyrocketed to 300. This data shows that 1)delocalisations do not work to keep up the level of performance of Western firms and 2) Western firms have lost the edge in terms of figuring out how to grow.

Example 3: In the 2016 report titled “Playing to winthe new Global Competition for Corporate Profits”, McKinsey Global Institute was insisting on the fact that maybe will the level of growth within emerging markets be lower compared to recent years but the new emerging markets blockbusters have such a level of fat in terms of growth that they can restructure themselves to generate a much higher level of profitability than Western firms…Is your company ready for this challenge?

If one or all these examples have retained your attention, get in touch with Global born. Maybe can we help your teams to upgrade fast to improve your level of competitiveness. We just need to sit to adapt to the type of training that best suits your managers.


As soon as the gap analysis has been successfully realized in terms of training and as soon as the content of the training has been defined, Global born can provides his clients three major types of training:

Presential Trainings (Seminars)

Traditional training in terms of face to face interactions is based on workshops, seminars, cases or conferences. In this situation, the maximum number of participants is 40 per session.

In case of specific activities (coaching, workshop with animals), the maximum number of participants can be much lower.

The personal interaction with the faculty is better than in an online format but all participants should be in the same location; what can be complex for arranging the sessions.

Online Trainings (Webinars)

Online training is much more recent but can be done now successfully thanks to videoconference systems such as Cisco Webex or Skype. These systems can enable the involvement of up to 24 participants worldwide.

As such, the great advantage of this type of training resides in the ability to create real regional or global teams in order to leverage benchmark and best-practices within the company.

K2born is Global born online platform.

Blended Trainings

Blended trainings are a mix of presential and online trainings. They combine long duration courses that are usually taught online with a small residential period in the place the client want the participants to be.

It is a good formula to combine the advantages of both approaches with the advantage of the residential period at the end of the course that can be perceived as the premium for all participants.

Areas of trainings

Global born can provide you some training in strategy, marketing, new business model, disruptive environment, internationalization of your company, understanding your target countries, sustainability and many more…

Some examples include the following areas:

  • How to manage a Competitive Advantage?
  • What to do when new entrants change the rules of the game?
  • What is the future of the emerging markets?
  • How can my company become more sustainable?
  • What to do when you loose your competitive advantage?
  • How to innovate faster and with a good RoI?
  • What is the future of industrialized markets (Trump, Brexit, EU crisis)?
  • Sustainability with RoI. How to do it?
  • How to anticipate your competitor moves?
  • My Pareto is down (20% of your products represent 80% of your sales).What to do?
  • If emerging countries are worst, their companies are always more consistent…
  • How can I identify companies truly committed with Sustainability?
  • What is the willingness to pay of my customer?
  • How to copy faster the best in class?
  • How to internationalize my company?
  • How to manage your stakeholders?

And many more…

Custom trainings

If you cannot find the exact content of training you would like to have or if you would like Global born to help you diagnosing some areas of improvement within your teams, Global born can sit and exchange with you to figure out the best training path be it in terms of content development as in faculty development and training calendar.

Language of trainings

At Global born, we have staff that can provide you the training in the area of expertise that you desire in:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish