The ability to ensure a substantial increase of life expectancy in industrialized countries, the ability to generate new drugs for the diseases that affect these patients and the end of the patents for many blockbusters have shed the light on diseases affecting people living in Emerging Countries in the last decade.

As Vikram Damodaran, CTO of GE Healthcare´s Sustainable Healthcare Solutions indicates supra, the needs are far from being covered.

Global born experiences in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America can help your company to empower your local divisions by improving some non-optimized areas:

  1. The ability to build strong and long lasting relationship with the main stakeholders either with the public sector and the NGOs will enable a better control of the supply and value chains.
  2. As many players adopt the same strategy to focus on emerging countries, there will not be room for all companies in this new playground. We are specialized in Fast Growth thanks to our proven methodology! Don´t miss it… Some of your competitors may work with us before you try to. And then, it will be too late.
  3. Reputation of Pharma sector remains extremely low being still affected by the HIV AIDS campaigns. This will impact sooner or later the license to operate of the whole industry and as such the length of the use of the patents might decrease. The new focus on emerging markets should provide an opportunity to the sector to show its compromise with Society.

Many other issues could be evoked there but this can pave the way to our new collaboration.