Thank you to read these words!

There are extremely important not because we wrote them but because it shows us you pay attention to Values. And we do as well! Creating and maintaining a climate of trust, collaboration and exchange not only with you but with your stakeholders will enable us to grow together.

Second, we do not value “the one size fits all” approach. Each client is different and deserves to be treated as such. Otherwise, the solution provided would be necessarily under-optimized. And this is not what we want, none of us! We want quick wins to go to an always more sophisticated cooperation.

Third, Global born provides you contacts at the highest level to ensure you will be in touch with the key decision-makers be they from the education/service or industry. This is a good way for you to track our past record and to get quickly some return on investment (ROI).

Last, but not least, we focus on Sustainability because we would like to give a better world to Future Generations.

Creating Value

Without the ignition of the creating value mechanism, there is no fun! Therefore, your teams should have designed some processes to enable this momentum. Two major types of difficulties may arise:

  1. Your company is no more able to generate new solutions on a sufficient speed.
  2. Your company generates easily new solutions but they do not find a good reception in the market.

Most on the time, companies start worrying about these issues in a crisis period and/or the equilibrium in terms of Pareto (20% of products provide 80% of the revenues). If this is the case of your company, join us asap because drastic solutions are often needed. If this diagnosis comes from an intelligence report, then it will be much easier to correct it by working on the adequate key performance indicators (KPIs) but don´t wait too much, in any case!

Capturing Value

Many companies make the common mistake to launch their product/service or solution when it is ready without contemplating mechanisms to obtain a rent from it. The new product should be launched only when 1/ these mechanisms have been profiled and when ideally 2/ an upgrade is on the verge to be launched.

Let me provide you an example about it. During the last 15 years, until they launch the McCafe, McDonald´s has been suffering difficulties in capturing value for several reasons. First, they had difficulties in launching a new burger that competitors would not copy. Second, with the anti-junk food policy that can be illustrated by Morgan Spurlock’s movie “Super Size Me” (where he spends breakfast, lunch and dinner at Mac Donald´s for one month), it has become clear that the American companies cannot engage a full loyalty process with their customers. In that sense, their sales were stuck excepted. This is the reason why they generated the McCafe to capture on a lengthier basis the relashionship with their clients.

Keep it in mind! In most of the cases, capturing value will enable your company to make far more money than the initial ignition that came with the creating value mechanism!!!

Global born will help you to improve your business model on retaining a higher part of the cake and on building recurrent incomes!

Delivering Value

A priori, it is the easiest task of the three… But is the delivery process perceived as such? How do your customers interact with your company? Does your company prioritize a transactional or relational approach with them? Has your company worked to build your competitive advantage only with them or does it include always more your stakeholders? Or, maybe, is it part of the 95% companies without a clear competitive advantage… focusing on the improvement of the operational efficiency. It is then even tougher…

At Global born, we can track your customers to report to your company their customer experience and provide you some tailored solutions.