Creating Value through Business Intelligence Reports

Business Intelligence Reports (BIRs, further on) are 5 to 10 page reports on a specific topic decided by the Client and profiled after several meetings with Global born Senior Consultant(s).

If the BIRs can be generic (e.g. India under Modi), it is more recommended to profile them as much as possible to get Return on Investment (e.g. Impact of Modi reforms in Education in Kerala State or The New Geography of the Automotive Industry in India).

Global born offers its clients the opportunity to deliver some reports in the following areas:

Many examples are provided under the BIR section.

BIRs can be ordered on a single or periodic basis but they are always unique taking into consideration the major recommendations of the clients.

However, and to let it clear, BIRs are NOT a resume of a long mission (e.g. how to set up a subsidiary in Brazil in the pharmaceutical sector). In this case, it will be necessary to get in contact with the Partner of the desired Sector (see Sectors in the Global born webpage) to agree the contours of the mission.

As a summary, it is possible to say that the major advantages of the BIRs lie in 1) executive document as a synthetic document, 2) a quick way to start collaboration with Global born and 3) a fast delivery in time.