Global born has developed some insights to help its clients in utilities structure around 3 areas:

  1. The necessity to work with stakeholders, among them Non Governmental Organizations, NGOs, be they environmental or social, to ensure a fruitful dialogue leading to a more sustainable competitive advantage. Specific missions can be organized as well around the restructuring of foundations strengthening its social focus.
  2. With the quest for new spots for renewable energies, it is nowadays clear that all countries have set up a regulatory policy providing grants within the EU. Therefore, all utilities have to target always more emerging countries. With our experience of stakeholders in Africa, Asia and Latin America in this sector, Global born can help you to find the right tuning of your international strategy.
  3. Building new corporate culture and identity. With more than one decade to analyse the change within this sector, it is now clear that the policy to generate European Champions thanks to the liberalization of the market has failed with the current stimuli. Nevertheless, the need to achieve the critical size will force companies to merge/acquire/specialize or…die. At this stage, it will be fundamental to lever new corporate cultures in the cases of M&As. Nevertheless, the extremely high rate of failures with existing major of strategic concultancies should lead you to work with a maverick.

Do not hesitate!!!