Retail and FMCG was at the heart of successful stories in the last decade despite the crisis affecting end-users. The development of ecommerce and the global sourcing helped many concepts to expand either regionally or even globally.

Nevertheless, “la vie is not pink” for all retailers.

Many Italian retailers have been acquired by French houses because 1) they did not focus on the advent of new sources of value, 2)they did not protect from copying or/and 3) they did not prepare the new generation to take the reins of the companies.

Many Spanish retailers in the fashion industry at the exception of the Inditex Group experiment difficulties as well but in other areas. In some cases, the concept was overstretched (Custo or Desigual). In other cases, the evolution of the positioning has lost the clientele of the brand (Adolfo Dominguez or Cortefiel).

If part of these difficulties could be seen as cyclical in the renewal of the unique selling proposal of these companies, at Global born we do consider it is linked with a mismatch in the assignation of resources and an overall priority given to ecommerce at the expenses of the strategic duties. Global born can help these companies to come back to the core of their business.