The Sport practice within Global born is divided in three major areas:

  1. Globally, we consider insights delivered by sports entities to the rest of other organizations are often minored, excepted maybe in leadership. In our daily practice, we want to show that some tools that are widely used in sports could be well monitored for business. In that sense, the expansion of the football activity strengthens this point of view as the income and the brand equity of all major clubs have substantially increased.
  2. Vice versa, there are still many management tools that could provide high added value to sport entities if they were first known and then applied. A combination of talent from both areas, management and sport, can deliver sustainable more margins of manoeuver to the club to win their sport titles using among other stakeholder management and organizational capabilities. The capacity to implement change faster than the competitors is the key success factor.
  3. Sport entities have started creating franchises internationally, mainly in Asia and in the Americas, in the last decade. However, the optimization of the business model is far from being reached. Indeed, the clubs face several problems among them loyalty of the player to the club, loyalty of the fans to the icon player and not the club and the specificities of the fact that even though football is becoming always more global, it has still some difficulties in competing with baseball, American football, ice hockey or basketball in US or cricket in India. Therefore, some margins for disruption exist as well in this pitch.

Let’s play together to score…