Chinese Social networks vs. American Social Networks

The perimeter of action of Global born in this area is delimited to missions related to the extent of the internationalization of the firm:

  1. Global telcos face always more the threat of social networks and GAFAs being protected until now mainly by the States where they operate due to the local regulation. Nevertheless, this barrier to entry is always less relevant. Therefore Global telcos need to re-invent themselves to fight back what may be a lethal threat. In that sense, the major issue of these missions is to contemplate the redeployment of the assets to generate a new and consistent value proposal.
  2. The right choice of the social network(s) in the internationalization of the client already internationalized. As many know, to give a simple example, China has its own social networks (see supra). If the equivalence among social networks is quite ok, it has to be noted that it is not always the case or some more features exist in a local player or the segmentation of users is different according to the country. But, more complex even, other countries such as India, Russia or Brazil use a mix a local and international social networks for different aims that we use them in Europe. This is the art concerning this type of mission.
  3. All companies want to decline their apps or their web internationally missing first key points in their take off within their internationalization. Many simple hurdles can be removed to favor returning clients, sales and increasing the product cycle but most of the time attention is not properly addressed to the key issues. This is a specific action targeted for SMEs.

If the situation that your company faces is reflected above, you know it…