Business Intelligence Reports in Talent

Global born can provide you the relevant insights in terms of business intelligence reports to earn some time vis-à-vis your competitors within the area of Talent.

In the following section, the focus on the business intelligence report is how headhunter boutiques can survive to Linkedin in the era of the “Global War for Talent” (Beechler and Woodward, 2009).

In this environment, even though some refer to the “scarcity of talent”, the world is always more open to Emerging Market Talents (e.g. 300 000 Indian students get their MBA or their PGPM from the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management, IIMs), to courses through e-learning, to courses through lifelong learning and through many IT platforms to identify talent upstream such as Linkedin with its 200 million members and at an extremely affordable price be it for the HR department or that possible candidates?

Therefore, we can agree with Liz Ryan (2013), when she said “there is no talent shortage. If employers were truly concerned about the way people come out of school equipped to work, they'd take a much more active role in our education systems than they do”.

Source: Forbes, 2013

The big issue there is to stop using HR technology based exclusively on keywords (COrdodilos, 2015). The key success factor becomes then how to disrupt LinkedIn mission and determines ex ante

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