Education is our major challenge at a worldwide level and it is the cause Global born fights for. In that sense, the Education practice is oriented according to 5 major pillars:
  1. Auditing business schools and universities to provide them the best practices in the market in terms of organization, building a distinctive DNA from their competitors, identification of possible threats concerning their financial situation and internationalization with paying students in areas where the International Department has difficulty to expand.
  2. Expansion of the business schools and universities at a worldwide level is made necessary by demographics and the imperious challenge of growth. One of the major strengths of Global born comes from its global network at highest level (Rectors or President, Vice Rectors, Deans, Vice Deans, etc…) and its ability to negotiate based on your mandate for your own targets. The presence of PhDs and professionals of education @ Global born helps us to let you strive in these missions.
  3. Creating new alternatives for the Education Technology (edtech) sector as well as favoring the adaptation of traditional players to this technological challenge. In the last decade, many investors have decided to posit in this sector. Nevertheless, the return on investment has been far below the expectations; what implies that the right business models have not been founded yet. Fortunately, they are not only MOOCs in US and Europe. New online courses dedicated to corporate audiences (as well called the COOCs) and small private open courses (as well called the SPOCs) have been proliferating worldwide, without using necessarily copycats of Coursera, Khan Academy or the Open University in UK. Far more variety exists from solutions developed in emerging countries. Benchmark available from Global can be realized focusing on some specific KPIs to empower your existing solutions and/or to enable the fine tuning concerning your new product development.
  4. Last, and foremost, the challenge of the scalability of education is in emerging countries due to the scarcity of resources and the number of people under 25. As such, with an experience in more than 30 emerging countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, Global born can help your institution to an effective leap forward be it in K12, UG or PG studies.
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