Business Intelligence Reports in Sustainability

Global born can provide you the relevant insights in terms of business intelligence reports to earn some time vis-à-vis your competitors implementing Sustainability / CSR within your company.

In the following section, the focus in the business intelligence report is on the necessity to make a correct benchmark in terms of Sustainability to have the highest impact on your stakeholders.

First, it is important to shed the light that the current wave on which we still surf on sustainability and CSR come from 2001 and Enron scandal in 2001. As such, the vast majority of CSR principles were set up by and for Western corporations forgetting the advent of Emerging Countries Multinationals on the first hand and the SMEs.

Obviously, some change has occurred since then with many publishings on the specific conditions of Emerging Countries corporations and with guide about reporting for SMEs but the foundations can lead in some cases to a lower impact on stakeholders because the framework does not fit the local reality.

Second, the crisis in which developed countries are since 2007 despite some recent improvements from an economic perspective have not been accompanied with results in the environmental and social perspective. Even worst, some of the pioneers concerning CSR, such as Sir John Elkington, who coined the concept of triple bottom line do not trust anylonger sustainability but have crossed the line to focus on entrepreneurship with his new venture Volans.

It is crucial to insist that like this picture of Toscany in Italy, results may take time before having such a unique landscape, But it requires a long lasting compromise from the management of the firm and always more a comparison not only with competitors in developed countries but with emerging countries as well.

As a proxy, the consideration of the value creation according to the triple bottom line perspective between emerging and developed countries is instructive in that sense:

Value Creation according to a triple bottom line perspective from 2007-2015:

Perspective Developed countries Emerging Countries
Economic + ++
Social - ++++
Environmental ++ -
Total ++ ++++

Source: Global born

Emerging countries companies were far more performing that developed countries companies in CSR… Now confusion exists between performing well in CSR and according to the environmental perspective.

So a first recommendation would be to pay attention to the practices of CSR/Sustainability into emerging countries. For instance in India, corporations must invest 2% of their benefits in this area and results are relevant. (..).

A second recommendation would be to…

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