The new turmoil in the banking and financial sector has a name: FINTECH!

The extent to which blockchain technology can disrupt major retail banks is still unknown but there will be some clear damages in a sector that has been able to avoid the emergence of newcomers with the exception of hedge funds.

As the pressures on regulation / deregulation are opposed (e.g. willingness of Central banks to impose higher prudential ratios vs. willingness of Trump to deregulate), the uncertainties concerning this sector are extremely high.

If the banking sectors took too many latitudes by waiting too much before a proper decision making, reforms cannot wait anymore at the risk of missing the new hot spot. Many investments are required even though many mistakes will be done.

A thorough independent assessment is required now more than ever to provide high performance to leading retail banks.

Existing major consulting firms were successful neither in predicting the recent crises nor in advising the retail banks to move fast before towards fintech. Therefore try Global born…