Business Intelligence Reports in Futurology

Global born can provide you the relevant insights in terms of business intelligence reports to earn some time vis-à-vis your competitors within the area of Futurology.

In the following section, the focus on the business intelligence report is on the impact of Block chain not only in finance but in the ecommerce as well. Watch out Google and Baidu!!!

As A. and D. Tapscott (2017) mentioned it in the Harvard Business Review, “Blockchain was originally developed as the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. A vast, globally distributed ledger running on millions of devices, it is capable of recording anything of value. Money, equities, bonds, titles, deeds, contracts, and virtually all other kinds of assets can be moved and stored securely, privately, and from peer to peer, because trust is established not by powerful intermediaries like banks and governments, but by network consensus, cryptography, collaboration, and clever code”. Reference.

Because financial institutions did not pay enough attention to these new technologies in the last 10 years, financial technological start-ups emerged and have gained some unneglectable market share. Therefore, some major financial blue chips may disappear in the upcoming years if they do not upgrade quickly their processes.

However, the financial sector is not the unique one that may face difficulties with the advent of the blockchain technology. Indeed, all companies in the ecommerce sector that has a specific business model will be soon in trouble given some new margins of manoeuver to small players.

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